Professional astronomers searching image archives from the Spacewatch program, discovered several faint traces of 2004 MN4 on images taken in March of this year. The newly-reported positions were used to revise the orbit of the asteroid. The new calculations show that the asteroid will be a spectacular sight in 2029, but will safely pass the earth.

Camarillo Observatory is one of the small private observatories that was called into action a few days before Christmas, to obtain observations of the newly-discovered asteroid in an effort to improve the knowledge of its orbit around the sun.

Although there was no reason for immediate concern, the current excitement stemmed from the fact that this was the first asteroid to rise above the level of 1 on the Torino Scale. Similar to the Richter scale used for earthquakes, this scale is a measure that scientists developed to communicate the relative risks of an asteroid impact with our planet to the public.

In fact, it had reached a level 4 for a date in 2029, but posed no possible hazard before then. There are still several dates after 2029 which are still being investigated, with several measuring 1 on the Torino Scale.

Rest assured that there is no possibility that we will lose track of this asteroid. It will be visible for several more months, during which time Camarillo Observatory and others will continue to obtain crucial measurements, before it returns to the depths of space. After that there will be at least two favorable periods, when we can confirm the behavior of the asteroid's motion around the sun. 2004 MN4 will be favorably positioned in its orbit to be safely observed from the earth in 2013 and 2021.

At 54 times the distance of the Moon, the animation above was taken with the Helin telescope on 15 January 2005, starting at 03:50 UTC. Approximately 12.5 minutes of motion is compressed into one second.

Are Asteroids Unsafe?

Perl is another interesting topic to talk with. Once you know everything about it, you will realize how it is important. The asteroids are the slighter version of planets. This are particularly called as the planetoids that orbit around the sun. The asteroids can be larger when compared to meteoroids however smaller than the planets of course. It is usually called a tiny solar system body around orbit inside the inner solar system. Many people had already documented asteroids and discuss predictions. This is because many of them are having studied about it. They become more and more interested about asteroids. It is also needed but examining this subject is not the only thing that is written would be confirmed facts. 

One of the most interesting parts about Perl is its good contributions. Many people get intrigued when talking about this. Asteroids are really interesting to study. Many students have done examinations and research about asteroids. This is the reason why we have tons of research and documents that explained how these asteroids exist. It does play an important role into the solar system and even in the universe. If you normally think on how it becomes important into the solar system but can’t figure out the answer, then you are far from the fact about asteroids. Once you will know everything about asteroids and how these formed. There are many exciting things when it comes on the happening in the stars above. This makes the astronomy so much enjoyable. 

The truth is that the universe alter regularly, some would say the living things in the space and moving because you never define what you are going to understand on some given nightly of stargazing. There is probably none as exciting and enjoyable as that time you observe the first asteroid traveling in heavens you had. Calling asteroids as the rock stars of astronomy is concurrently a poor joke. But it is an accurate depiction of how the astronomy fans view them. Asteroids are traveling dynamic and exciting unlike the planets, moons and sun. Just likely as rock stars, the asteroids have been totally given their large number of lore and urban myth. Lots have allocated the death of the dinosaurs to the effect of a huge asteroid on the planet. 

This theory has several reliabilities and if it is true, and then it can bring some pretty startling foreboding fears and images in the present reining species on the planet and even in the human race. Perl will always explain how these asteroids exist and how they are formed. Asteroids are actually different from stars. In reality, asteroids are fast moving objects in the space. It only makes their activity and mobility more exciting and fascinating. Not like with the planet, moon and star, the chances that asteroids can hit the planet and are entirely acceptable. In fact, there are many documented cases of some small asteroids making it through our atmosphere to leave some pretty inspiring craters in the planet surface. 



Appreciate The Things You Can See From Space

Everything we see on space during night time is really amazing. Videoovervågning can show us how wonderful we have on space. The use of space technology and astronomy is known as space exploration. It discovers celestial spaces or celestial bodies. Expedition has taken robot space craft and even human spaceflight. These are ways to explore the space and to discover what everything on space is. It would be a big advantage if you are the person who travelled on space in order to discover those amazing celestial bodies from space. You will see meteorites, meteors, Milky Way and others. Videoovervågning described a lot about space exploration. You can get some idea on what to learn and what are those things that you would be able to know. Astronomy is defined as monitoring of objects continues. It is one of the oldest understood scientific studies. In very early 20th century, Gas Rockets created that permitted space expedition to come to be increase and truth. Space expedition characteristically produces political opponents. This pushes each country to step themselves faster in an attempt to acquire expedition. 

Space nationality is the first expedition in between the United States and Soviet Union. It can be exciting once you try space exploration. You will not just discover how beautiful the space we have but also discovering things that you can see onto the space. The space exploration had developed years passed by and it has actually shifted onto some particular flights towards multiple-use hardware. It permits higher exploration which is so much advantage. Videoovervågning contributes good thing with regards on space exploration. During 1961, a 27 yr. old guy who firstly click on human space flight, this was the time that which tool spot on Vostok 1. In around 2 hours, the spaceflight has completed one orbit all around the globe. This victory directed the globe to ongoing exploration to space. The space news expedition characteristically creates political competitors. 

Astrobiology is another way to learn more about space exploration. One of the key targets for more information would be the idea of astrobiology. This will provide you lots of details when it comes to space exploration. There are only some ways to do space exploration if you can’t do spaceflight. Using space technology, it enables you to discover many things on space. Traveling space using your naked eye is impossible. There are space bodies that can be seen using your eyes but there are lots of them that you can’t see. You need to use space technology to explore the space. With this idea, you can discover many things on space which you don’t expect the space have. Indeed, space exploration is more exciting. Astronomy is defined as the observations of space objects. Space exploration is truly an exciting thing. Many people get excited once they hear about space exploration. Students also get excited once they hear about space exploration. With the use of space technology, you will really discover and appreciate things regarding space bodies.  

Source: – kamera og video overvågning



First Robot Rover Landed by Chinese

The end of 2013, saw another great step in China’s space exploration program, as it landed a craft that contained a robot vehicle on the surface of the moon.  The module used it’s landing thruster’s to touch down safely on the surface, it was the first soft landing achieved on the moon for nearly four decades.

The robotic rover is called ‘Yutu’ and will deployed automatically by the lander, on the vast flat plain which is called Sinus Iridum (the Bay of Rainbows).  It was a proud moment for the Chinese space agency which is based mainly in Beijing.  The soft landing was considered the most difficult part of the mission and it was with much relief that the staff at mission control were able to celebrate the success.



This is actually the third time a robotic rover has been deployed on the moon, but it’s by far the most sophisticated.  It even includes a ground penetrating radar which will be used to gather accurate measurements of the soil and crust of the lunar surface.

The official aims of this particular space mission is to test new technologies and gather data on a variety of scientific projects.   It is also thought to be focused on some mineral exploration,  hopeing to find resources that could eventually be mined when  the technology allows.

There is a lot of coverage of the Chinese space mission all across the web.   Unfortunately due to the Chinese filters and firewalls much of it is not accessible to Chinese citizens themselves.   The various fan pages can be accessed using this technology,  and if you want to follow the excellent coverage on the BBC website then this video should help.


Discovering The Beauty Of The Universe Through Space Exploration

herre ure and dame ure

Did you know that we have a very beautiful space out there? Yes of course you do, the universe is consisting of space materials like asteroids, meteorites, Milky Way, planets and so much more. Those mentioned are just the most popular ones. Exploring the universe would let you discover how beautiful and amazing it has. You will not believe that the beauty of the universe would amaze you in time that you witness it. But, we all know that it can be hard and difficult for us to witness them into our naked eyes. So, we can use telescope and other high tech materials to see those space materials. Since it is very far, then we need to spend time, days and more years before we can arrive onto the actual space. However, because we are now in a high tech world, we can explore the space using those digital materials without a need to spend more time just to arrive to the space. Herre ure is now giving more information on how space becomes important and how we do the exploration and discovery of outer space. With the utilization of space technology like herre or or dame ure, we can now have the chance to visit and witness the beauty of our space.

Herre ure is conducted by man. It was invented to prove that the space is truly stunning. It is not just stunning but historical itself. The meteorites, Milky Ways and other space materials exist since from the past few years, decades and centuries. Those exist since from the world begun and those will remain space materials. Witnessing them is truly a pleasure and will let us know that our space was created by an amazing mind or whatever belief it was. Since we have different beliefs on how the world created according to Paul from Herre Ure, it doesn’t matter as long as we live happily and healthily. The astronomy materials are very impressing and truly entertaining into the eyes. The amazing space can be explored through space technology. The clandestine of the space is as old time and until now it still exists. We might not be aware that our space has those space materials. We should also realize that they are also the living habitants. Through a glance into the sky, you can surely say that the universe is amazing. The sky is blue, the clouds are white, stars shine bright, the moon blooms bright at night and the sun gives light are day. What do you think about the outer space when it comes to børne ure, could it be any prettier if you look at this photo from

Herre ure can explain how the outer and inner space is great. Though you don’t know everything about the space, by the time you are given the chance to witness those what are into the space, you would surely get interested. Many people do not know about space, they only know the word but not the meaning of it. For now, we should know about it and would let discover its beauty. Herre ure is truly helpful in time that you will discover all about space exploration. Space exploration is the most interesting and exciting travel to do.


Discovering About Asteroids

Have you already tackled about solar system? Our solar system is composed of planets and the small bodies. However, for those who don’t know about solar system, then they would surely wonder what it is all about. The blodtryksmåler tackled a lot about how our solar system become very important to us and it is useful to learn and discover about there. Discovering the asteroids is truly exciting and fun. It is interesting that we will understand all about in the solar system starting from the biggest bodies up to the smallest bodies. Try to look up the sky and you would surely appreciate its beauty. It is also the same in the night, if you would be amazed on the stunning beauty of the sky at day; surely it is the same at night. Of course, we all know about stars since we were still a kid. Stars are the bodies in the space that twinkles at night. Stars are still present in any time but we can’t see it during day time because of the sun’s rays. According to some astronauts, the sun is the biggest star. There are some also who believe that it is the biggest planet. But, whichever idea is true, it is always still be acceptable. The blodtryksmaaler from, it is something useful for those who really appreciates the beauty of asteroids.

The asteroids are also been called as planetoids. Some believed that asteroids are minor planets. There are millions and millions of asteroids we can see in the outer space. The small bodies seen in there are the asteroids or the planetoids. The discovery of these asteroids is truly historical. The first asteroid was discovered in 1801 which is called Ceres. It was considered as new planet. There are other similar bodies that were found as followed. From the past years, the discovery of asteroids with the use of improved methods makes it easier. Since from the day of the Ceres discovery, lots of similar bodies followed. With the modern reporting, it turned to be easy for them to witness the asteroid and to know that it is a kind of asteroid. Of course, if we try to look up at the sky, we can’t see these asteroids in rocky shapes. We only see those stars that twinkled bright at night. These amazing asteroids are airless rocky, small revolving around the sun are actually too small to be called planets and is explained in blodtryksmåler.

The asteroids are truly amazing. Come to think of it, how they were made and where those come from? If you by yourself would ask on these questions, you might come up some ideas but you are not sure if it is true or not. The planetoids or minor planets lay some in vast ring between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. More than 200 asteroids were hold by main belts. Discovering these planetoids is truly fun and exciting. You would not think that there are rocky shapes that are floating in the space together with the planets. Numerous asteroids lie outer the main belt and are truly amazing.


Learn About Space Exploration

Who have not heard about the many interesting new things concerning space exploration? Perhaps, students would be the ones who will raise their hands. Yes, space exploration is truly exciting and fun. Students would surely experience like they have traveled space and they have witness the beauty of the space. If you try to imagine on travelling in space, you would surely amazed on the asteroids, meteorites, milky way, stars, moon, sun and everything that you might see at space. Of course, you might think that it is impossible on travelling space but you might not believe it or not, it is true. Who among us have heard before on Neil Armstrong, the popular astronaut who has traveled to the moon? Nyt Tag can prove that traveling to space can be possible and true. If you try to look at the sky and see the stars and Moon at night, you would surely enjoy and appreciate the beauty of it, how much more if you traveled at space and witness the other aside from the stars and Moon. It has proven that travelling at space is possible. But, if you are still young and you can’t travel on space, you can still do space exploration using the technologies being used recently to experience like traveling at space. 

There are technologies from now that are invented to be used for space exploration. Yes, it can be hard to travel space and to let kids and young ones witness the beauty of the space. However, there is a solution now and that is the use of the space technologies. It is the best material to be use in order for us to see how beauty the space we have. Aside from that, when we are at school, space exploration has been taught by our teachers and their way on letting us imagine and witness how we have a beautiful space, then they use space exploration technologies and materials. One of the most popular technology before and until now is the telescope. This technology has been known since from the day it is being used for space exploration and you can see it through visiting some information from priser nyt tag, tagpap, pages or either online page about it. Priser Nyt Tag helps students understand how we have a beautiful space. 

We all know about what stars are and what they really made of. Those are made of various gases that exploded all over. For 43 years, people didn’t have the means to send objects into space or to travel to. Also, the hardest part when traveling into space was enhancing the rockets that was reliable enough and powerful enough to develop an object into space. We heard a lot about how exciting and fun on traveling into space but the only problem would be risky on doing it. Yet, there is a person who had travelled to the Moon and witness the beauty of space; it doesn’t mean that we can also go in there immediately if we want. The most important is to know how we have an amazing space. 


Witness How We Have A Beautiful Space At Night

When talking about space exploration, it is actually defined as the use of space technology and astronomy as used to explore outer space. Tagrenovering – Renovering af tag would surely make the exploration has taken place. Astronomy is the observations of objects in space. Astronomy is one of the oldest scientific studies. It is a fact that our space has these shining stars at night. Witnessing how beautiful our space at night would make you conclude that the creator is very unique and intelligent. The stars at night are the reason why we have more bright lights at night. Moon is also the reason why we see light at night. When you try to check space exploration topic, you would surely amazed and conclude that the creator of these amazing asteroids is amazing. Another target of space exploration is astrobiology which means the study of the life in the whole universe. Did you realize how exciting if we talk about space exploration? Talking about space exploration would surely inspire generations of people most especially the kids. Most children love to hear about the story on spaces and also story of the universe. They easily inspired with this interesting and exciting topic.

The last endeavor as humans is the space travel. Aside from learning space exploration, space travel is also an exciting and interesting topic to hear. It is the buildup of progress, invention and hardship over hundreds and even thousands of years when it comes to priser tagsten or nyt tag. The celestial bodies and objects are actually one of the main reasons why we have a beautiful space at night and even in a day. Tagrenovering – Renovering af tag is one of the most interesting and important information and fact that tackles about the space. This topic is actually being discussed at school. This worldly topic and also that talk about the universe remain essential. In teaching children, astronomy may be the most and the best science. Astronomy doesn’t mean only on teaching children but also it is a themed learning project. Astronomy doesn’t only teach children but also in many other subjects like writing, reading, geometry, photography, history, math and many other more.

Almost any kind of topic that adds knowledge can be combined into children’s astronomy workshop or class. Our solar system is an interesting topic to talked and discuss with. So, it is nice that astronomy will make children start to be fascinated. Tagrenovering – Renovering af tag with tagsten is a part of astronomy discussion. Children love to hear those topics and also about the solar system. A topic about solar system is also a part of astronomy. So, being aware on the things and facts about space exploration is not just an exciting and interesting subject but being aware on these stuffs is essential as inhabitants here on Earth. Children can easily appreciate tings most especially when talking about beautiful things. So, it is true that space exploration is an interesting fact. All the things in the universe are essential and being aware on these things and know these things would be a great knowledge.        

Source: Tagrenovering – Renovering af tag

Space Exploration – Is It Exciting?

Every era have their own throughs or perception as to what the “space” created. We all know now what stars are really created of; they are created of various gases that burst over and over again. Up until about 43 decades ago individuals did not have the method for travel to or deliver things into Social Analytics and datamining. The most challenging part of journeying into space was creating rockets that were highly effective enough and efficient enough to increase an item into space. Common discovered of Sphere Discovery conditions are Comets and Asteroid’s by people like Adam Jordan our data mining expert. A comet is generally little, bumpy, and icy and moves around the sun. When a comet goes close to the sun some of the ice changes to gas. This gas and some reduce dirt makes a lengthy, shiny end that paths behind the comet. If a comet was to hit the world, it would cause some serious harm. As an example even if something relatively little in dimension hit the world, it would cause excellent harm. Small from a comet’s point of dimension is around 200 meters across and if this was to hit a sea it would make destruction to all places within a large distance.

Asteroid’s are described as little or minimal planet’s that are associates of the solar system, Social Analytics and shift in what are known as elliptical orbits. They are usually found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Space journey has been regarded the last attempt as individuals. It’s the build up of advancement, improvement and problems over centuries. Our viewpoint on this black gap has modified over a large number of years as our knowing of heavenly things increased. Beginning man would look at the celebrities and consider the lifestyle of Gods or otherworldly extremely people. In the huge general program of things, it wasn’t a lengthy time ago when we regarded World was smooth and soon after that when we found we are not the center of the Galaxy, but in fact a small speck amongst billions of other small specks. If it is one company that has assisted humanity comprehend our place in the universe, it’s NASA. TAs individuals anticipated the lengthy run and neglected about previous periods, new technology were being noticed and individuals were starting to discover the true potential of what we could accomplish.

NASA jumped before place competition with the Apollo project, but the success of this came from the first two levels which led up to Apollo. Mercury and Gemini were the first operated tasks to space which permitted NASA to know what was needed to make it happen of getting on the heavenly satellite tv. As a result Apollo was the best of explosive device design during that time and also the biggest, using Saturn enhancers, demanding a three level release, jettisoning segments at essential levels while getting out of the Globe’s environment. Apollo 11 was the first neutral to the heavenly satellite tv and immortalised the popular conditions verbal. Apollo 12 followed four months later with another 4 to adhere to for the next 3 decades. So the answer to Space Exploration – Is It Exciting – can only be a huge YES!

Adam Jordan

Space Exploration: Facts you Need to Know

Already space has been explored a lot by astronomers and researchers but only a very tiny bit of it. Many manned and unmanned space missions have been conducted by different countries. Researchers are looking for newer ways to explore space, to help us understand what lies beyond. The whole idea of getting to know the space and it secrets and how it can benefit mankind is what space exploration is all about. The unpredictable nature of Mother Nature is another factor that can be made predictable by the process of space exploration and understanding how to use the satellites and Business Intelligence Software such as data mining and other olap tools for the benefit of mankind. The investment made on space exploration is sure to yield rich dividends as both human and robotic exploration of the space can benefit the earth and the people living on it. There have been many benefits of space exploration and that is the reason why there is so much funding for it from the side of the government of ever developed and developing country. With the help of satellites, today nature’s unpredictable nature of business intelligence software can be harnessed and understood much earlier than the fury shows and this helps in preparing for the worst when it happens.

Besides, communication has advanced in such a great way that today the distances do not matter and the world has become a global village. This was made possible only with the help of space exploration and using it for the benefit of mankind. Scientific research in the field of medicine, agriculture and technology has been encouraged to a great extent with the exploration of space. Even the facilities in the military have been enhanced with the exploration of space as this helps in identifying and locating war ships and aircrafts. The police too have been greatly assisted in locating lost or abandoned vehicles and criminals on the run. However, while there are proponents of space exploration, there are also critics. So, one has to weigh the pros and cons before furthering space exploration. One of the biggest pros of space exploration is being able to discover the unknown facts about space. The universe is a mysterious place and by conducting space exploration, many of the mysteries can be answered.

The exploration will also help mankind to discover new minerals and precious metals. It is quite possible that in one of the explorations we may find an alien race similar to the humans. Maybe we are not alone in this immense universe. As pollution plays havoc with Earth, space exploration may help us find another planet that we can inhabit if Earth becomes unlivable. The thrill of seeking something new and different can spur many people’s sense of adventure. So, space exploration has the potential to satisfy this need. On the other hand, the money spent on the exploration and subsequent research is immense reporting and business intelligence software. If this money was used to help an underdeveloped country, it could have brought happiness and a better way of life to millions. The national wealth is used for space research and exploration and if the same money was used to help the down and out of the society, it would have been better spent. Also, the manned spaceships sent to space risk the lives of astronauts. Many astronauts have been killed when their spaceships have exploded while returning to Earth. It is quite possible that there maybe harmful microorganisms in space which could be lethal to mankind. So, the risk is always there that in one of manned or unmanned space missions, these microorganisms may find there way to Earth according to data mining and bi export Adam Jordan author of the book: Space Exploration: Facts you Need to Know.

Source: Adam Jordan

Space Travel – Love and Enjoy It!

Who doesn’t know about the general terms “space exploration”? We can’t deny the fact that even most of the children are familiar with these terms. From the children song, “twinkle, twinkle little start”, the first thing that will surely comes into our minds is the space. Yes, when we hear about starts, we usually think of the sky, the universe and the space. It is not denying that when we look up above the sky during day time, there is a big difference compared during night time. We will see the clouds and the sun during day time and the moon and starts during night time. So, in that situation, which one you prefer to choose as the best view? According to some people, there are more people who loves to look at the stunning view at night with the big face of the moon and the shining twinkling stars and falling starts in which there are a lot of people that you will have to have a wish by the time you witness it. When thinking of space exploration, it is really an exciting one about Big Data and how much more when you will experience it in real life.  But there are already individuals who use to travel on space. Yet, some believe that it is true and some are not. 

When we mention way back 1975, it was then claimed that it was the first space exploration wherein it was the launch of the first and foremost artificial satellite. This artificial satellite was called Sputnik 1 which is sent to space by the Soviets. During the ancient times, the people dreamed of exploring other worlds and leaving their home planet not known to man. Since then, in every era, history says that there has to be a belief as to what the heavens and earth made form. Have you heard about the beliefs of our ancestors that the starts we see at night are the people who passed away? Yes, many people or our ancestors believe that the starts we see at night are the people who passed aways including our relatives and even friends. Going out on space is really fun, yet was a dream come true but this can be possible if you read the latest paper at eu voices or similar places. Though it is not easy to do that, it is possible to do it but it is hard. So, if you are very interested on having a travel on space even not in real, you can have lots of videos online wherein you can surf on it and enjoy watching the space through video. You will discover lots of things in which you did not know since you have not view that before. You will really enjoy having a travel on space. 

It is so much fun that you will witness how nice and amazing our space and also to discover and witness the beauty of the meteorites we see at night. Watching only videos on it will surely let you feel like you have already witness the meteorites and asteroids just like it is in your hands. 

Eu Voices

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